Nouakchott International School

About Nouakchott International School (NIS)

NIS is based in downtown Nouakchott.  NIS provides a personalized blended learning environment. Students attending NIS will be assessed and a specific program will be tailored to their requirements. This personalized approach to education allows students to feel supported and understood as they complete each stage of our comprehensive online curriculum in the classroom with our highly qualified Learning Coaches.

Elementary School

Grades K - 5

In our Early Years classroom students will be supported in a smaller group environment....

Monday - Thursday
08:00 to 15:00

Middle School

Grades 6 - 8

In our Middle School classroom students will continue with all four core subjects.....

Monday - Friday
08:00 to 15:00

High School

US Diploma, AP, SAT, NCAA Approved

In Our High School classroom, students should have developed the skills to become.....

Monday - Friday
08:00 to 15:00

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Meet Our Teachers

Our teaching staff are multi-disciplinary, fully certified teachers. They are subject and content specialists with a wealth of experience, specialized in working with students in an online environment.

Lower & Middle School Lead Teacher

ICAD + Program Teacher

Middle & High School Lead / Learning Coach