Nouakchott International School

American Education

The Nouakchott International School offers a supportive and safe environment where an individualized style of learning meets the strengths and needs of your child.

The American curriculum develops the students’ ideas, increases their creativity and pushes them to think freely. Memorization and repetition are not part of the purpose. Choose your courses. High school students are encouraged to find their passion. They are free to select the courses that interest them while preparing from NIS.

All students are given Opportunities:

Study From NIS

Cutting-edge technology enables individualized learning to happen at NIS. Online school provides daily lesson plans, as well as delivering announcements, online discussions and communication and support tools to tie the experienced together.

Curriculum Overview

NIS is a a high-tech, American curriculum school for students from KG through Grade 12. Our school’s distinctive character is the provision of a rigorous education that is supported by a proven digital platform, which enhances the student’s experience.

The Learning Management System provides our teachers and students with powerful classroom content, well-organized to support personalized learning. Our comprehensive online curriculum provides students with the opportunity to pursue their learning, at NIS.

Research into the provision of our platform has shown it benefits students who are:

Learning Coaches

Our qualified Learning Coaches provide guided instruction and face to face support to ensure each student is fully aware of their daily assignments and subject requirements. They provide instructions at a level that makes our curriculum more accessible and manageable for all of our students. Very often students can become overwhelmed when they first embark on the journey of virtual learning. Where independence and self-motivation are key skills. Our Learning Coaches are that vital link between student and their online teachers, aiding their development as self-directed learners.

Class Size Matters

We offer low teacher to student ratio; each student gets the attention needed from their teacher. We nurture and engage each student personal and academic growth. With fewer students per class, students can connect more closely with their peers and become more confident and comfortable when it comes to sharing their ideas and perspectives. Teachers have more time to individualize their feedback, ensuring that each student understands the material, can get the help they need and can reach his or her full potential.

We offer full time from Pre-K to Grade 12. Our classrooms are arranged based on the age and grade level of the students to ensure each child feels confident and comfortable amongst their peer groups. Once we have met with you and your child, we will work together to reach your student’s full academic potential.

Online Learning System

NIS students use the Online Learning System to access their daily lessons, which include all of the required information and resources. They can also:

The Learning Coach’s Role in Online Schooling

The learning coach works in conjunction with the teacher and academic advisor, helping facilitate progress through the daily lessons and working to modify the pace and schedule according to the child’s needs. The learning coach assists the student to stay on schedule, monitors attendance, and communicates with the online teachers and academic advisors

Although the learning coach helps the students in managing the schedule and ensuring the student is completing work at a reasonable pace, teachers and academic advisors remain constantly involved to monitor progress, ensure mastery, and develop specific intervention plans.